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We offer both a custom design service and SiteBuilder, our online DIY design and hosting solution. Whichever service you choose, you'll get a great-looking website that is compliant with all OS / browser standards and search-engine friendly.

Custom Web Design

Our design professionals can work with you to create a dynamic website that is custom designed to meet your specific needs. We start by working with you to to plan the basic layout and features of your site. On average, plan on spending about $600 to 800 for a typical site, although this could be more or less depending on your specific needs. After we consult with you, we'll give you a quote, and, if you approve, we'll get started!

During the initial design phase, our artists will create a series of mock ups and get input from you to help us choose exactly the right look for your site. Once we have hit upon the look and style you are happy with, the design commences. We work hard to complete your site as quickly as possible. Times vary, depending on the complexity of each site, but most work typically takes no longer than two weeks. Your designer is available to answer any questions or address any of your concerns at each step of the process.

When we have finished, we will send you a link to preview your site. At this point we will make any necessary adjustments or modifications. Once you have approved the design, and we have received your final payment, we will upload the files to your web server or ISP.

We are also happy to answer any questions or offer advice on domain name purchasing, web hosting, or anything else that comes up along the way.

Web Design with SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder is our web-based do-it-yourself design and hosting solution. We developed SiteBuilder to make it as easy as possible for anyone to create and maintain their own website. Sitebuilder is affordable, at only $19.95 / month, including hosting, with no long-term commitments. It is also packed with features, including image galleries, flipping albums, slideshows, and more.
See our SiteBuilder page for more details.